3-Step Plan Which Drastically Lowers Blood Sugar

How Free Radicals And Oxidative Stress Interact To Influence Type 2 Diabetes

The body derives its energy for normal physiologic processes from the food we eat through a process of oxidation. The byproducts of this energy metabolism process includes unstable substances called free radical which in their attempt stabilize creates more free radicals. The burden placed on the body in the process of oxidation is called oxidative stress.

The Doctor Said I Am Prediabetic, What Should I Do Now?

The diagnosis of prediabetes sets off an alarm signals in the diagnosed because of what it portends. It may be better regard it as a second chance to lay a foundation for proper nutrition that caters to the needs of the body vis-a-vis our tastes.

The Best Diabetes Diet – Carbohydrate Counting V Diabetic Dieting

If you have diabetes running in your family or are just interested in ways of managing it effectively through diet, with all the different types of diets out there, you may have wondered which one exactly is the best. And between the touted methods of managing diabetes – diet and carbohydrate counting, you may have equally wondered which one is better. This article conclusively answers that question and will help you make up your mind once and for all the strategy to adopt in managing your diabetes.

Best of the Best Diabetes Diet – Biggest Loser and DASH Diet Compared

In a list of 35 popular diets for a study carried out by US News and World Report magazine the expert opinion of assembled experts gave us the verdict of The Biggest Loser diet and the DASH diet as being the best diet for diabetics, in both helping individuals to prevent the disease or for those who already have it, reversing it. But is there really a best of the best? Amongst these two champions, is there yet a champion still? I decided to do a step by step comparison in order to find out. What follows is a comprehensive analysis and definitive conclusion of which of these best of the best Diabetes diet comes out tops.

How a Dietician Can Help You Manage Your Diabetes

If you have diabetes chances are you have an health care team that gives you advice on how to handle it what you must eat the exercises you should do and such like. Or at the very least you have your doctor for that. However, although your doctor may stay front and center there are actually other persons who in one way or another may just be as invaluable to you as a doctor. One of these is a dietician. Why is a dietitian important to you in your fight against diabetes? This article will enlighten you on the several essential reasons why.

Without Delay: Why You Should Start an Exercise Regimen Now If You Are Diabetic

It is common knowledge that exercise actually helps to prevent and manage diabetes. Not only that, exercise can contribute greatly to general health and overall well being. This article takes a deeper look into how it does this and why it is essential as a diabetic that you take up an exercise regimen now without delay.

Exercise – The Essential 17 Tips for People With Diabetes

Exercise has been proven to be generally beneficial for health – more so if you are diabetic. The following exercise tips will help you ease into exercise, stick with it for the long term whilst enjoying it at the same time.

Diabetes and Exercise – The Indispensable Facts That You Must Know

Exercise has always been touted as one way people can improve their fitness level and ensure general health. This becomes truer if you are a diabetic. Why? Simply put, because study after study has shown that exercising regularly actually helps you lower your blood glucose level. And this is evident immediately in the aftermath of any exercise or physical activity done. This article discusses the way exercise does this, the different exercise types and their relative benefits for diabetics.

Type 2 Diabetes – Could Cord Blood Stem Cells Be An Effective New Treatment for Diabetes?

Stem cells taken from umbilical (newborn) blood could be an effective new treatment for Type 2 diabetes. That was what researchers at Weifang Medical College in Shandong, China and many other research centers in China and British Columbia, Canada, concluded after an interesting pilot study on the subject. In Type 2 diabetes, beta cells in the pancreas become damaged and unable to make insulin. When this happens insulin therapy is definitely required. Stem cells have been used as therapy for a variety of diseases in which cells are damaged or deficient in some way. This led scientists to carry out an experiment to learn whether stem cells could be used to preserve pancreatic beta cells and enable them to produce insulin once more.

Type 2 Diabetes – The Importance of Protein in Your Eating Plan

Carbohydrates get a lot of attention when you’re living with Type 2 diabetes. You know how much you should eat, when you should eat them, and the difference between complex and simple carbs. But how much thought have you given to protein? Consuming enough protein and eating it at the right times throughout the day can help you stay full longer, manage your hunger, and lose weight if you need to – all leading to better blood sugar management.

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