4 Principles That Crush Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes – Six Foods And Beverages For Diabetics to Avoid

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine what is fine to eat or drink, and what isn’t. Type 2 diabetics who are managing their blood sugar are essentially in an eternal struggle with their meal plan, at least until their weight and blood sugar levels are under control. Even with Type 2 diabetes, the worst foods and drinks are fine on occasion, as long as you’re sensible about the amount you take in. With that said, for the time being you are better off without them. Here are six foods and beverages it’s wise to eliminate from your diabetic meal plan, at least until your blood sugar level and weight loss are under control…

5 Common Lies About Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most popular diseases in the world. It’s estimated that one in every 10 people has diabetes. The condition is characterized by high levels of glucose in blood. Due to the popularity of the condition, there are many lies about it. Here are some of the most common lies about the condition:

Understanding Diabetes and Strokes

Diabetes and strokes are linked. Multiple studies indicate that diabetes increases your risk of having a stroke. Diabetes also reduces your body’s ability to respond to a stroke. But what is a stroke, what are its effects, how is it treated and how can you lower your risk?

Type 2 Diabetes – How Useful Is Telemedicine in Treating Diabetes?

Gestational diabetes needs to be watched closely and carefully managed, but going to see the obstetrician or midwife can be inconvenient. Investigators at the University of Melbourne in Parkville Victoria along with several other research centers in Australia looked at studies evaluating telemedicine as an alternative to making frequent visits to their health care provider.

Type 2 Diabetes – Fiber Packed Foods To Add To Your Diabetic Meal Plan

Whether you’re looking to lose body fat or control your blood sugar levels, you can’t get enough fiber in your meal plan. High fiber foods slow the release of glucose into the bloodstream and they also help you feel fuller, so you eat fewer calories. Which fiber foods are best? Higher intakes of whole-grain cereals and fruit and vegetables are recommended. When you eat fiber from vegetables, it can help you reduce blood pressure and homocysteine. When you eat fiber from grains, you may enjoy a lower body mass index, and when you get fiber from fruit, it may help decrease blood pressure.

Type 2 Diabetes – Is the Hormone Betatrophin Related to Diabetes?

Betatrophin, a hormone discovered in the past few years, is thought to play a role in fat, sugar, and energy metabolism. There are some implications betatrophin could be related to Type 2 diabetes, but how it might work is not yet understood. Scientists at the Medical University of Vienna in Vienna, Austria, compared betatrophin levels in women with and without Gestational diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes – Coping With Stress Without Raising Your Blood Sugar Levels

For people with Type 2 diabetes, stress often results in elevated blood sugar levels because the stress hormones trigger the release of stored glucose. If you have Type 2 diabetes, you need to find ways to manage your stress without resorting to cookies, alcohol or cigarettes. As a start, you might want to turn to your meal plan. Despite the fact stress is very much an emotional response, what you eat can impact how stress influences your health status. It’s not a secret feeling stressed is a cause of overeating. It’s not tuna, and salad stressed out people crave – it’s cookies, ice cream and chips. One day soon researchers may unravel why stress causes people to seek sugary, fatty foods. Certain foods can help diabetics combat stress and the harmful effects it has on their body, so by adding more of these foods to your meal plan, you can counteract the effect of some of your stressors.

Type 2 Diabetes – 4 Tips To Encourage Healthy Eating In Your Children

Type 2 diabetes was once known as maturity-onset diabetes because it never appeared in children. Unfortunately, it has been increasing rapidly in kids. Ten years ago a child with Type 2 diabetes would have been considered so rare the case might have been written up in a medical journal. If you have children, you might be wondering what you can do to get them onto a healthier eating path. With childhood obesity rates on the rise, it’s becoming more important than ever to ensure our children are eating right and exercising regularly. Sadly, most kids don’t, and this is putting them at risk for life-long conditions such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Type 2 Diabetes – Sometimes You Just Have To Stop Eating!

Being overweight is the single biggest risk factor for Type 2 diabetes. However, losing ten pounds and keeping it off can significantly reduce your risk. No one knows the best way to lose weight or the best diet. It’s very likely different approaches work for different people. All the nutritional advice in the world is going to be futile if you can’t avoid one simple rule when it comes time for you to lose weight. Weight loss requires you consume fewer calories than your body needs for energy purposes, so it’s forced to rely on other means for energy.

Homeopathy Treatment for Diabetes Mellitus, Symptoms and Cure

DIABETES MELLITUS OR DIABETES is a metabolic disorder in which the person has raised blood glucose levels (blood sugar). It may be due to either decreased insulin hormone production by the pancreatic gland or if the body cells does not react properly to the insulin or both. TYPES OF DIABETES: 1…

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