A Comedy Skit about a Serious Subject: Diabetes

How Do You Cope With Diabetes?

The first time you hear the doctor tell you that you are suffering from diabetes and will have to manage it for the rest of your life is a hard moment to embrace. Much as news about it comes as a shocker for most people. How do you cope with diabetes?

What Should You Eat If Suffering From Diabetes?

A healthy diet can help diabetics keep blood glucose levels under control. Although you may be afraid to eat anything, it is important to maintain a healthy diet. Find out how to keep your blood sugar under control and limit the severity of your diabetes.

What You Can Do To Minimize The Risk Of Diabetes

Diabetes is a health condition that stays with you for a lifetime. When you are first diagnosed with it, you will have to make some adjustments in your life. There is no known cure for it once you get the diagnosis. However, you can lower your risk from getting it. If you want to find out more about how you can lower your risk, read this article for some helpful information.

Type 2 Diabetes – Food Really Does Matter With Diabetes

Food really does matter in a diabetic’s life. Being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes may also mean you are on medication. But the medication will not allow you to eat whatever you like. If you fail to make lifestyle changes… even with medications, you will have problems.

Learn How To Maintain A Good Quality Of Life Despite Your Diabetes

Diabetes is a health condition that stays with you for life, and there is no cure. However, many diabetics have found ways to live a fulfilling life despite this health condition. Diabetes is totally manageable if you know the right approach. You do not have to feel like you are served a life sentence. This article will give you some tips in managing your diabetes effectively and living a fulfilling life at the same time.

Controlling Your Diabetes By Eating Right

If you want to manage your diabetes properly, you have to adjust your diet so that your glucose level is at a consistent level. This is not difficult to do if you know the right foods to eat and if you stick to regular eating schedule. By just planning ahead, these adjustments do not have to interfere with your way of life. This article will provide you with some tips on how you can easily manage your diabetes through good diet and healthy living habits.

Type 2 Diabetes – Blood Sugar and Heart Attacks!

Heart attacks are one of the most serious complications of Type 2 diabetes, and recovery is more difficult for diabetics than for non-diabetic heart patients. Researchers at the University of Montenegro in Podorica, Montenegro, looked at blood sugar levels to determine whether they could influence how well diabetic patients recover from heart attacks…

Type 2 Diabetes – Do You Believe These Cholesterol Myths?

People who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes can easily become confused about cholesterol, triglycerides, and various other lipoproteins. No doubt you have heard about the “good” and “bad” types of cholesterol. Diabetics need to understand these two in particular to help them achieve better lipid or blood fat levels.

Type 2 Diabetes – Defining Gestational Diabetes

A study conducted at the Women’s Health Education and Research Hospital in Ankara, Turkey, underscores the importance of defining Gestational diabetes. The research, reported on in the European Review of Medical and Pharmacological Science in May 2013, compared the use of calorie-restricted diets with that of non-restricted diets in 100 women with possible cases of Gestational diabetes…

Type 2 Diabetes – Diabetics Are Prone To Hearing Loss!

If you have pre-diabetes or Type 2 diabetes, research shows you are in a higher risk category for contracting hearing problems. It doesn’t have anything to do with age or existing in a noisy environment. Studies show between 1995 and 2004, the number of people who had problems with their hearing almost doubled…

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