Beginning of the End of Blood Sugar woes – hamburger and chips meal taught me to beat diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes – Diabetes and Changing to a Healthy DIet

Diet is a difficult thing to change, and researchers at the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon in Mexico have begun to study the difficulty. Their results were published in the Journal of Education and Behavior in July 2013. Their study included 21 men and 24 women with Type 2 diabetes. Three phases of dietary change were identified…

Type 2 Diabetes – Poorly Controlled Diabetes Can Lead to Gout!

The first point where gout is commonly formed is in the base of the big toe joint. However, other places include: knees, wrists, elbows, fingers and ankles. If you have an acute gout attack you will feel: pain, swelling, warmth, tenderness, and a change in skin color in the affected area. Gout Gout is caused when uric acid crystals form in tiny sacs of fluid around your joints. The crystals create inflammation within the sacs that cause swelling and pain in the joints…

How Nature Controls Diabetes

People who take good care of their diet and exercise, seldom encounter diabetes. And, the unfortunate few who do, can attribute this to their genetic make up. It is not uncommon to see Type I diabetes passed on from one generation to the other. Yet, those afflicted are quick to seek a recourse and continue to live healthy and fulfilling lives. This is because they are aware of the dangers, and pitfalls of the disease and face it in a positive manner.

Type 2 Diabetes – High Blood Sugar, Bacterial Infection and Diabetes

Helicobacter pylori, a species of bacteria, was implicated as a cause of stomach ulcers during the 1980’s and antibiotics along with other medications have proven successful for treating these ulcers. Now H. pylori has been associated with high blood sugar and Type 2 diabetes as well. In a study reported on in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation in June 2013, researchers at Changua Christian Hospital and China Medical University in Taiwan looked at H. pylori infection and blood sugar control.

Type 2 Diabetes – Why Artificial Sweeteners Are Bad For You!

Most people like sweet foods and sugar in their tea or coffee. However, many turn to artificial sweeteners (A.Ss) as a substitute for sugar, believing they are a healthier way to still enjoy the foods and drinks they like. Artificial sweeteners are hard to digest and many believe over-use can lead to Type 2 diabetes. Studies show if you mix diet sodas with alcohol, you can become even more intoxicated. One study claims the use of diet soda can damage your teeth as much as if you used crack or meth. Drop a coin into a can of coke and watch how the coin gleams!

Insulin Resistance As It Relates to Weight Gain

The relation of insulin resistance to weight gain is now well-accepted by medicine. Insulin resistance certainly promotes weight increases, particularly along the waist line. But it becomes a vicious cycle in that as we gain weight, further insulin resistance is promoted. The accepted definition of insulin resistance is the inability of some cells to take in and store glucose as fat. It happens when these cells literally don’t respond to insulin as they normally should.

The Basics Proper Management of Diabetes Disease

If you have diabetes, it is important that you know how to properly manage the disease in order to prevent or at least minimize the complications brought upon by the disease. Living with diabetes is not easy but with discipline and with the right knowledge, you can be sure that you will find it easy to adjust and still live a normal and full life.

Type 2 Diabetes – Are Diabetic Socks Worth The Extra Expense?

Since Type 2 diabetes has the propensity to cause a multitude of other medical complications, diabetics have to pay close attention to every aspect of their health. But although diabetics will quickly tell you just how important it is to have the right kind of shoes, some might not fully realize it also means having the right kind of socks to wear. Even if they have heard of diabetic socks, they might not believe they make a big enough difference to warrant the effort and expense of owning them. Do they?

Diabetics Suffer From Yeast Infections

Candidiasis or candida for short is a fungal infection-better known as yeast. Yeast can show up in the mouth known as oral thrush and characteristic of a coated tongue. Thrush is commonly found in people with weakened immune systems, the elderly, babies, or diabetics.

Type 2 Diabetes – It’s Vital For Obese Diabetics To Lose Weight

If you are carrying extra weight and are also a Type 2 diabetic, you are not managing your condition properly. Why is it vital to lose weight for obese diabetics? Weight loss is a way to literally save your life and prolong it because you reduce the amount of stress placed on your body. Losing weight requires a consistent commitment from you.

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