Blood Sugar Test: Coke vs Diet Coke vs Zevia

Health Benefits of Diabetes Personal Training

Diabetes is a disease that can strike anyone of any age and stage of life, and the numbers are drastically increasing. In the last decade, an account of about 382 million individuals all over the world have been affected, of which 7% of the numbers come from this country alone. Of those diagnosed, ages 25 to 35 are of higher risk, affecting both men and women equally. Today, diabetes is a large contributing factor of nearly 4 million deaths per year. Some risk factors include eating the wrong foods, living a sedentary lifestyle, having unhealthy vices, being overweight, and suffering from health complications like hypertension. There’s no cure, but it can be managed with a balanced diet and regular exercise that will control weight and keep blood sugar at a healthy level.

Type 2 Diabetes – Exercise As a Natural Medication in the Treatment of High Blood Sugar!

I doubt you will ever hear a professional state medication is a superior method to exercise in treating Type 2 diabetes. There’s simply no argument. One method is pharmaceutical, and the other is natural. Exercise is evidently the ideal method for the maintenance of blood sugar levels in a healthy range.

The Dangerous Side of Diabetes Drugs

The truth about diabetes medications is, it’s complicated. As usual when it comes to diseases and medication, there are as many good as bad results. Many diabetics and pre-diabetics become trapped on a track of ever increasing doses of meds that have side effects including increased risk of cardiovascular disease, weak and brittle bones, and weight gain.

The Amazing Effects of Exercise on Blood Sugar After Eating

After careful monitoring of my blood sugar, I learned the amazing effects that exercise has on my diabetes. This is information that every diabetic can use.

Type 2 Diabetes – Taking a Vitamin D Supplement to Help Control Blood Sugar

People who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes often have low levels of vitamin D. Researchers at Shandong University in Jinan, China, tested vitamin D as a possible treatment for the condition.

Type 2 Diabetes – Looking for a New Vegetable to Add to Your Diabetic Meal Plan?

Eating plenty of produce is one of the best weapons for Type 2 diabetics to use against the battle of the bulge and high blood sugar levels. Low in calories and high in fiber, these foods will fill you up but not out. Diabetics who skip vegetables and eat extra rice or pasta, will find weight loss much slower than they expect, and their blood sugar will remain high. Looking for a new vegetable to add to your diabetic meal plan?

Type 2 Diabetes – Genes That Reveal Which Women Will Develop Gestational Diabetes

Certain genes make women worldwide susceptible to Type 2 and Gestational, or pregnancy-related, diabetes. Those genes can vary from one population to another. Scientists at the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation in Chennai, India, have found two genes that make Southern Indians susceptible to the condition. This particular study was reported on in the journal Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics in February 2015

Type 2 Diabetes – Thinking Of Going Vegetarian to Help Lower Your Blood Sugar and Body Weight?

Motivated Type 2 diabetics who start making lifestyle changes can reap tremendous health benefits almost immediately. Any diet can help anyone with Type 2 diabetes produce weight loss in the short-term, as well as lower blood sugar levels. To ensure continued success though, its best to find an eating plan you can adopt for life. If you’re currently thinking about going vegetarian, you need to make sure you are keeping a few things in mind first. If you don’t do your research before you hop on this bandwagon, you might just find yourself feeling more miserable and unhealthy than you currently do. When done right, many people will find they do feel healthier going vegetarian, but when done wrong, the opposite is the case. Here are some important points to know and remember…

Facts Regarding Juvenile Diabetes Symptoms In Children

What do you mean by ‘juvenile diabetes symptoms’?How to prevent children from suffering from juvenile diabetes symptoms -Type 2? Things to do to keep your child away from Type 2 and juvenile diabetes symptoms are:-

Exercise for Gestational Diabetes

If you have gestational diabetes, exercise is an excellent tool for you as there are great benefits in terms of insulin sensitivity. However, as in all the decisions that you have to do with your health, it is necessary that you go to a doctor before doing any exercise. So you can have an activity plan made especially for your health.

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