Blood Sugar Test – Oatmeal vs Froot Loops

Type 2 Diabetes – Three Great Breakfasts To Start Your Day

Are you ready to meet the challenges of losing weight with prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes? Choosing what you eat when you have Type 2 diabetes can be one of the most frustrating aspects of living with the disease. Eating is one of the most enjoyable activities in life and we’re designed to enjoy it. But if you have Type 2 diabetes you need to think about what you are going to eat. Getting your day off to a healthy start is an important thing to do so you set the tone for the rest of the day. If you choose your breakfast unwisely, there’s a greater chance you’ll be setting yourself up for blood sugar fluctuations all throughout the day, wreaking havoc with how you feel. Fortunately, if you get a little creative, there are plenty of smart ways to start your day healthfully. Here are three wise ideas…

Type 2 Diabetes – Can You Counteract the Effects of Carbohydrates With Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is often touted as a ‘cure all’ for many health problems. But, as with many natural and alternative therapies, a lack of scientific data to back up these claims is a common problem. Here we are looking at a few of these studies to find the confirmed benefits of apple cider vinegar…

Take Action Against Diabetes With The Help Of These Best Foods For Diabetes

The food you eat is one of the things that can get you into trouble with diabetes. If you are pre-diabetic or have diabetes, one of the ways to cure, control or prevent diabetes is to focus on foods that can help cure or reduce your risk of developing this chronic condition. It may seem like a monumental task to try to change your eating habits because let’s face it, many bad foods are quite delicious. Despite this, you can make a change. Some of the best foods for diabetics are delicious too.

Type 2 Diabetes – Is a Healthy Gut The Hidden Secret to Weight Loss for Diabetics?

There is considerable evidence showing when our gut is healthy we are healthy as a result. But the relationship between good gut health, obesity and Type 2 diabetes is not well-known. In our gut there are approximately 100,000,000,000,000 (100 trillion) microorganisms. That is such a huge number I don’t think we can comprehend it. In fact, the human gut contains 10 times more bacteria than all the human cells in the entire body… with over 400 known diverse bacterial species.

Controlling Diabetes With Natural Methods

Diabetes seems to be the most frequently diagnosed medical condition throughout the world. A disease which was once considered only for adults is now affecting children as well.

Type 2 Diabetes – Overgrowth of Mites in Gestational Diabetes

Demodex folliculorum mites live naturally on human skin and in your hair follicles. These particular mites may be beneficial in eating bacteria and normally they do not cause problems. But, occasionally, their populations can overgrow and cause redness, dryness, scaling, small round red raised lesions, itching, crawling sensations on the skin, and dandruff. Bacterial infections can start in places where the skin has been harmed by these mites.

Type 2 Diabetes – Tips for Traveling With Diabetes

Traveling can be stressful for anyone – but it can be an extra challenge if you’re living with Type 2 diabetes. Mealtimes, sleep schedules, and exercise routines can all be disrupted, making it more difficult for you to manage your blood sugar. But with some planning ahead, you can manage your blood sugar while traveling, reduce stress, and stay healthy while you’re away from home. Here are some tips for dealing with each aspect of diabetes management while traveling…

Type 2 Diabetes – Mastering the Basics of Your Pancreas and Insulin Production

No doubt you learned about the pancreas when studying the digestive system in High school. And once you receive a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, you constantly hear about the pancreas and the role it plays in diabetes. Insulin is made in the pancreas, an organ located just behind your stomach shaped along the lines of a TV remote control. A remote control is a great way to think about the pancreas – it sends insulin out into your bloodstream so it travels to the cells of your body to help them take in sugar from your bloodstream…

Type 2 Diabetes – Protein Smoothie Recipes That Balance Blood Sugar And Fuel Your Body

For anyone diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and who leads a busy lifestyle, finding the time to eat regularly throughout the day can be a real challenge. But, if you want to stabilize and maintain your blood sugar level, eating regularly is a must. On those extra busy days, a protein smoothie can do the trick perfectly. They will help you get in the protein you need while also balancing out your carbohydrate and healthy fat intake. Let’s go over a few of the best protein smoothie recipes that will help keep your blood sugar balanced due to their higher healthy fat and lower carbohydrate content…

Do You Wish To Get Your Diabetes Under Control?

People suffering of the disease of diabetes are many times frustrated. They are unsatisfied with their life with this disease. They often try to fight with this illness, and try to find new ways how to cure it. Sometimes it is very hard for them to stay motivated and focused on curing the diabetes, especially, when they do not see results.

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