Blood Sugar Test – Vegetarian Day. Can you eat vegetarian and still keep glucose in bounds?

Type 2 Diabetes – Four Easy Steps To Making Your Diabetes Meal Prep Easier

In many cases it is indeed possible to reverse Type 2 diabetes. Steps include exercising to increase your fat burning potential, quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption, avoiding foods containing high-fructose corn syrup, eating a meal plan rich in natural fruits and vegetables, and low in animal fats, eating healthy carbohydrates and fiber-rich foods. If you want to succeed with your nutrition program, the main step is to plan ahead. If you don’t know what you’re eating long before hunger hits, there’s a good chance you’ll end up eating foods you definitely shouldn’t.

16 Tips for Controlling Blood Sugar

Getting your beating diabetes diet just right can be difficult. There are times when, even though you seem to be doing everything correctly, you blood glucose levels appear to be getting out of control, going too high or too low. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track.

Insulin Medications

Insulin is responsible for the movement of glucose from the blood stream into the cells muscle cells, tissue cells and red blood cells. It functions like a key unlocking a door; when the door is unlocked then glucose can enter these cells.

Type 2 Diabetes – Are Bad Habits Impeding Your Progress to Lower Blood Sugar?

No matter how unique your situation may seem, we can guarantee someone has gone through exactly the same circumstances before. Health problems come in all shapes and sizes and, in the majority of cases health problems are treatable or, at the very least, manageable since the precursor to many conditions is an unhealthy lifestyle consisting of bad habits and sometimes neglect. Since you have the ability to change how you treat your body, it makes sense you are able to treat many health conditions at best, and lessen their adversities at worst. Moreover, if you have decided to treat a disease or condition affecting you – be it obesity, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol – you need to be aware of your habits, as they may be hindering your progress.

Type 2 Diabetes – How Physical Activity Works Its Magic for Diabetics

The keys to successfully managing Type 2 diabetes are meal planning, physical activity, blood sugar testing, insulin injections and/or oral diabetes medications. But what is it about physical activity that makes it so important in Type 2 diabetes management? It turns out it works in several different ways to manage your blood sugar and improve your overall health. How exercise works its magic…

Type 2 Diabetes – Are You Focused on Conquering Diabetes?

To succeed in any endeavor requires stringent focus to see your efforts through. If you’re alternating between different goals or if you’re inconsistent in your efforts, you’re just bound to waste time and not succeed with your desired goal. You’ll take two steps forward, only to see yourself take two steps backwards shortly afterwards. If want to improve your health, lose weight and reverse Type 2 diabetes, you need to define your focus. There must be no hesitation or doubt about it. You must know what you want to achieve in full detail. Write out what your objective is in a personal space. Be short, but concise. Only set one goal for yourself. Don’t worry about extraneous details that may seem helpful initially, because odds are they will interfere with your progress sooner or later. Once your ultimate objective is set, you can start planning your execution.

Type 2 Diabetes – Are Carbohydrates Your Enemy?

It can be a serious challenge to find legitimate information on carbohydrates and your diabetic meal plan. Are they good or bad for you? Should you have them in a healthy meal plan in the first place? When you consider modern-day diets and how the media attempts to propagate different nutritional ideas, it can be difficult to find your way among a cluster of mostly misconceived ideas.

Type 2 Diabetes – High Blood Pressure Readings in Adolescents and Children With Diabetes

As the obesity and Type 2 diabetes epidemics progress, more young children and adolescents have been found to have high blood pressure. Blood pressure changes according to activity levels. Scientists at the University of New York in Brooklyn and Mt. Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital in New York, USA, compared blood pressure in normal weight, obese, and Type 2 diabetic young people to learn how their general state of health affected their heart and blood vessels.

Type 2 Diabetes – How Diabetes Affects Your Workout

Physical activity is beneficial for people with Type 2 diabetes – and for everyone else as well, and is one of the few things shown to reduce the risk of developing diabetes. Exercise does not have to involve sports and you can usually find something to suit your lifestyle. It helps your body move glucose from the blood to fuel your working muscles. It also helps you become more insulin sensitive over time. And working out can help you lose weight, which could even reverse your Type 2 diabetes. But having Type 2 diabetes means there are a few things you should be aware of when you work out, so it’s important to understand the effects of diabetes on exercise.

Type 2 Diabetes – Avoiding Portion Distortion

Eating healthy meals may be even harder than ever. Whether you’re trying to control your blood sugar levels and Type 2 diabetes, manage your weight, or just stay healthy, today’s large portion sizes can make healthy eating difficult. Even bakeware is larger today as are dinner plates, mugs and glasses. All this means is you probably have more food on your plate than would have been there several decades ago. Portion sizes have grown quite a bit in the last twenty years. So while you think you’re following your meal plan by eating only one serving of a certain food, you may be getting much more than you need. Here are some examples of calorie counts of foods now compared with 20 years ago…

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