Blueberry Muffin Blood Sugar Test: Low Carb vs High Carb

Can Diabetes Be Reversed? Reversing Diabetes

Reversing diabetes is a reality. In fact Type 2 Diabetic patients should know that diabetes is not a disease that you can only survive with the use of medication and insulin. It can be controlled and beaten by committing to a dietary change that will balance your blood sugar levels & insulin production…

Type 2 Diabetes – Why Fat Is Bad for Diabetics!

Everyone is acutely aware of the importance of keeping off excess weight, or removing it altogether. No one knows this more than a person who has been diagnosed with prediabetes or full-blown Type 2 diabetes. Even when a Type 2 diabetic is armed with the insight as to how their disease works, it still doesn’t prove to be enough to warrant dropping the extra pounds or kilograms. But if diabetics knew all the reasons why fat isn’t good for their health issue, the decision to lose weight would be an easier one.

Type 2 Diabetes – Finding Prediabetes and Diabetes in Stroke Patients

People diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes are often at risk for strokes and transient ischemic attacks (TIAs) or small strokes, because of other health problems related to diabetes. As many as two-thirds of diabetics have high blood pressure. High cholesterol levels, especially of the LDL type, as well as irregular heart beats are also associated with a high risk of stroke. High blood sugar levels at the time of a stroke or a TIA can cause more brain damage, and diabetics who suffer a second stroke or TIA run a high risk of more brain damage.

Why Noni?

The many health benefits of Noni Juice. It helps ease symptoms of diabetes, hypertension, low energy, sleeplessness and more. Read more about this natural remedy.

Type 2 Diabetes – I Have Diabetes, Now What?

You haven’t been feeling well and you knew something different was going on in your body. So you go to the doctor and they give you the news: you have Type 2 diabetes! Your first reaction is probably “AAUGHHH!” But hold on – although Type 2 diabetes is a serious condition, it doesn’t have to be that scary. First, realize your life is not over – not by a long shot.

How an Alkaline Diet Can Improve Diabetes Symptoms

If you’re diabetic, you might be frustrated at trying to follow the perfect blood sugar support diet. However, some simple changes will go a long way to helping sustain your blood sugar levels and keep your health on track.

7 Important Steps for Good Diabetes Care

Diabetes affects almost every organ of your body and effective care for diabetes requires a dedicated team of healthcare providers. They include your doctors, dieticians, counsellors, eye specialists, dentists,etc. Every individual who has diabetes has different needs. Communicate with your healthcare team to better understand which treatment is suitable for you.

Diabetes: Getting Your pH-Acts Straight

Blood sugar support is at the top of most diabetics’ minds and they work hard to manage their diets to avoid certain foods. However, many of them are unaware of the damaging effects of the wrong proteins that harm their body alkaline levels.

Artificial Sweeteners – To Use or Not To Use?

If you are a type 2 diabetic, cutting down on the sugar you ingest is vital for controlling your blood glucose successfully. Over the last fifty years artificial sweeteners, used to flavour food, drinks, dietary supplements and medicines so that they taste sweet, have been introduced. But are they safe? I don’t have the definitive answer but here are some thoughts.

Diabetes Impacts Eyes

Diabetes impacts eyes because diabetics have an increased risk of developing eye complications which, if left untreated, can lead to poor vision and blindness. However, 98% of serious vision loss from diabetes can be prevented with regular eye examinations and early treatment. Glucose crystals as a resultant of too high sugar readings are damaging your organs.

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