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Managing Your Diabetes By Text

It is no secret technology has changed the way people communicate with each other and machines. Today, electronic health tools technology is unquestionably changing the way health care services are delivered to the public. Although a single information delivery system cannot improve a diabetic patient’s health as much as adherence to medical advice does, it can serve as a source of reliable information and support. Diabetes text monitoring is one of the latest electronic health tools hailed as smart resources for the proper management of chronic illnesses.

Why I Don’t Eat Dairy Products

There are good reasons for eliminating dairy products from a diet designed to beat type 2 diabetes. Dairy products provide you with lots of fat, cholesterol, sugar, and casein, the animal protein, all of which you need to minimise if you are serious about beating your diabetes.

Looking Diabetes Square in the Eye

After years of feeling quite healthy, I ran into a number of medical difficulties. My life partner, Carol, finally told me I had used up my quota for the year. Wishful think on both our parts! I recently came home from a medical checkup with a diagnosis of diabetes. Oh, there were signs that it was coming and I made some nutritional efforts to hold it at bay, but apparently not enough. Or would it have made any difference?

Green Smoothie Tips for Diabetics

Green smoothies are an excellent source of the body’s much-needed vitamins and minerals whatever the state of your health is. Contrary to popular belief, a green smoothie is a good food choice for diabetics. Some people believe that the often sweet nature of smoothies will worsen diabetes, but it all depends on the ingredients used. Green smoothies use nothing but fresh produce, milk or yogurt for the base as well nuts, seeds and grains for texture. So if you have diabetes, you can still drink green smoothies provided that you are mindful of the ingredients you put in them.

Diabetes: Monitoring the Fat in Your Diet

Very little disagreement exists among scientists and researchers about the need to limit fat intake! Everyone agrees that you should eat no more than 30 per cent of your diet as fats. As with protein, the type of fat that you eat needs to be considered as well as the quantity.

Type 2 Diabetes – The Connection Between Gallstones and Diabetes

Gallstones are not the worst complication of Type 2 diabetes, but it can be one of the most painful. Investigators at the Almustanseria College of Medicine in Baghdad, Iraq, looked at gallstones in people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes to learn how often they occurred and how they might be prevented.

Diabetic Foot Care: Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Diabetic Foot

Painful nerve damage that affects the nervous system is a complication of diabetes. The damaged nerves will make the area numb, which will leave you unaware of any accidental wounds. These complications make diabetic foot care important for all diabetic patients. To avoid serious foot problems, follow these guidelines.

Type 2 Diabetes – Guidelines For Diabetic Seniors

Left to run out-of-control, Type 2 diabetes can be damaging to the body, regardless of age. However, as we age, the effects of the disease and how easily it can impact our health become more of an issue. While all diabetics need to be keenly aware of their condition, this is especially true for seniors.

Type 2 Diabetes – Smart Ways to Help Diabetics Handle Their Food and Blood Sugar

For anyone diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, food choices really do determine whether or not they are going to have a good day with plenty of energy, be in a good mood and feel fine, or if they are going to be miserable and sickly. Food choices really are that important. But there are other considerations to make besides what you eat.

Why I Don’t Eat Eggs

Eggs are highly nutritious. Yet I don’t eat them at all, because I feel that avoiding eggs is crucial to beating my diabetes. Here’s why

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