Crafting Your Own Diabetic Diet, 97 lb weight loss…

Using Mother-Tinctures In Diabetics: My Experience

After more than 12 years of actively treating diabetic patients, I can now safely say that it is utmost essential to individualize while selecting a suitable mother-tincture for any case. I would like to discuss some of these mother-tinctures and their selection criteria through few case-experiences.

Type 2 Diabetes – Four Habits Healthy People Have

Having been given a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis, there is no doubt you are looking to make improvements in your health by lowering your blood sugar levels and your weight. Are you tired of constantly feeling like you just can’t do what it takes to combat the changes you need to make, the fatigue and pain in your life? If you’ve never been on a health promotion program but are looking to get started, you need to understand some key habits to develop. By doing so, you can help ensure you are really on the path to success. Here are four healthy habits you should know…

Type 2 Diabetes – Eating More Fruits and Vegetables Means Longevity for Diabetics

Heart disease and cancer are two complications people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes need to take care to prevent. So often diabetics have high blood cholesterol levels which can clog blood vessels, including the arteries feeding through to the heart muscle. High blood pressure is often associated with the insulin resistance that causes Type 2 diabetes. The American Heart Association considers Type 2 diabetes one of the seven major risk factors for heart attacks and strokes, and diabetics are two to four times more likely to have heart and blood vessel disease than nondiabetics. According to the American Diabetes Association, cancers of the liver, pancreas, uterus, colon, rectum, breast, and bladder are more common in individuals with Type 2 diabetes than in healthy individuals.

Type 2 Diabetes – The 4 Deadly Sins Of Eating Fast Food If You Want to Lose Weight or Stay Slim

Dining out can be a challenge when you are Type 2 diabetic and trying to develop a healthy eating plan. At home you know what to expect, but when you are away from home, it may be difficult to anticipate what you will find. Planning to stop in for a fast food meal? If so, you already know this is less than ideal as far as your health is concerned. While most fast food options are the worst possible thing you could put into your body, many fast food restaurants are coming out with wiser selections. If you tread carefully, you might just get away with your diet intact. If you don’t however, don’t beat yourself up. Think about how you could do things differently next time.

Type 2 Diabetes – Is There A Connection Between Gestational Diabetes and Postpartum Depression?

It has been known for some time Gestational diabetes, the type of diabetes diagnosed during pregnancy, is important to prevent or control for a number of reasons. Mothers diagnosed with Gestational diabetes are at risk for developing full-blown Type 2 diabetes after delivery, and children of mothers diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy are at a high risk for becoming overweight, obese, and developing Type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes – The Best Fish Varieties Diabetics Should Be Eating

As a Type 2 diabetic you will need to go about making changes to your eating plan to help improve both your nutritional intake and your blood sugar levels. One food you should be eating on a regular basis is fish. Fish is high in protein, rich in nutrients and, depending on the variety you eat, will also provide the essential omega fats your body needs to function. They also deliver some big health benefits. Because essential fatty acids (ALA, DHA, EPA) are not made in the body, you need to get them from your diet. For whatever reason, many people are still not eating enough fish. Let’s walk through the top fish varieties you must make sure you are fitting into your eating plan on a regular basis to help make sure you are getting the right type of oils…

Type 2 Diabetes – Healthy Vegetarian Eating to Lower Blood Sugar

Are you a vegetarian who’s recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes? Or, are you living with Type 2 diabetes and wondering if you can still follow a vegetarian diet? Either way, it can help to learn more about how a vegetarian eating plan can fit into your meal plan to help manage your blood sugar levels.

Type 2 Diabetes – To Prevent Dementia Diabetic Women Need Estrogen Levels Checked Before Menopause

Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia and is on the rise. But women who have both Type 2 diabetes and high estrogen levels, are at a significantly higher risk of developing dementia according to new research published in the journal Neurology.

Type 2 Diabetes – Predicting Insulin Resistance During Pregnancy

Gestational diabetes, the kind newly diagnosed in pregnant women, is akin to Type 2 diabetes in that it is caused by insulin resistance. After pregnancy, women who are genetically predisposed to Type 2 diabetes are more likely to develop full-blown Type 2 diabetes in the future after a bout of Gestational diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes – Is Fiber Important for a Diabetic’s Good Health?

You may have heard eating enough fiber will help you to manage your blood sugar level and your weight. If you haven’t paid much attention to fiber before, it’s a good idea to learn more about it. Here is some information on the benefits of fiber, how much you need, and foods that are good sources of fiber. Fiber is a type of complex carbohydrate, although some people consider it to be a separate nutrient than carbohydrates. It’s found in all plant foods – like fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains – but not in animal foods.

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