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Your Primary Care Physician Could Be Crucial Towards Successful Diabetes Control

This is our courageous combat against chronic diabetes control in an America that represents one in ten people (International Diabetes Federation, 2011) diagnosed with Type I or Type II diabetes. Blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol monitoring, lifestyle and diet choices and diabetes pills are constantly under focus when it comes to controlling diabetes mellitus. Sadly enough, the human side of medicine seems to have receded into the background. In these times, when the medical profession seems to be saturated by specialists, elaborate studies have shown that the primary care physician could be instrumental in achieving better results in diabetes management.

Type 2 Diabetes – Are You Stressed About Your Health?

Stress spares no one: it affects all of us at different times to varying degrees. Stress levels across all countries have increased in the past years as people have had to face a deepening financial crisis and other world problems. Like many other risk factors contributing to Type 2 diabetes or heart disease, these days we are exposed to more stressors than our ancestors. Since it is a certainty in life, we ought to be ready for it. Prepare for stress, so you are not overcome by it when it hits hard. Do your best to avoid it, so you can focus on the critical things without psychological distractions. But even with preparation and avoidance, it will still find a way into your life sometimes. So it becomes especially important to learn how to cope with stress, so it does not defeat you, and you can conquer it instead.

Diabetes And Neuropathy: Types, Symptoms, and Treatment

Everyone has heard of diabetes. But how much do you really know? Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus is a type of metabolic disorder characterized by prolonged periods of high blood sugar levels.

Type 2 Diabetes – The Best Herbs To Eat To Promote Stable Blood Sugar

When we consider which changes to make to our eating plan to help bring about a positive effect on our blood sugar control, we usually make our choices from a variety of whole foods. And while this is one way to go about controlling Type 2 diabetes and its effects, what you also need to keep in mind is there are herbs available that too can play a significant role. The right herbs can have a powerful influence and could help you prevent or manage your diabetic symptoms. Researchers have found herbal therapy has helped to bring about stable blood sugar by repairing the pancreas. In turn, it has been found insulin secretion is increased. So, which herbs should you turn to?

Type 2 Diabetes – Learn From Yesterday’s Mistakes

We all made mistakes; this is a fact that applies to all of us. No one is exempt. Where we differ is how we handled those mistakes, and how we now deal with the end results of those issues. Mistakes mean we took action and mostly they are reversible. They also teach us to have compassion. The past is done, and this might make us uncomfortable. It might bring resentment because maybe now you are dealing with a health problem because of what you did or didn’t do yesterday. Whatever it is, you need to forget about the choices you made yesterday. Let them go and create the best way to reverse the effects.

Type 2 Diabetes – Changing Blood Sugar Levels Could Lead To Painful Peripheral Neuropathy

In Type 2 diabetes control the aim is to keep fasting blood sugar levels within a normal range and at a steady level throughout the day. Scientists at Taichung Veterans General Hospital and various other research facilities in Taiwan have found too big a change in the blood sugar reading could lead to a higher risk of developing painful peripheral neuropathy. Their study was reported on in February 2018 in the journal Diabetes and Metabolism.

Type 2 Diabetes – Can Diabetes Be Prevented Indefinitely?

The first question you may have is: “can Type 2 diabetes be prevented?” You may have more to add before you have the answer – “What if Type 2 diabetes runs in my family?” “What if my background makes me vulnerable to diabetes?” “What if I’ve been overweight most of my life?” “What about my situation?” The answer is a resounding yes, as you might have guessed. But you may wonder if the answer is the same if we are talking about an indefinite amount of time. Can diabetes be prevented forever? The answer to this one is not so simple.

The Benefits of Fava or Broad Beans for Diabetics

Eating fava or broad beans will not directly help you control your blood glucose but eating them will help you ward of some of the devastating consequences of being diabetic, such as heart disease. Find out more about these highly nutritious beans.

Type 2 Diabetes – Steps To Help Lower Your Blood Pressure

Having high blood pressure can be especially concerning for those who are struggling with Type 2 diabetes. One of the first things your health care professional does when you visit is to check your blood pressure as the reading will tell a lot about your health at that moment. A healthy reading is considered to be 120 to 140 mmHg systolic (top number) and below 90 mmHg diastolic (lower number). When your reading is chronically high, it requires treatment as it can lead to serious health problems such as stroke or heart attack. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to help you manage your blood pressure.

Type 2 Diabetes – Is There a Connection Between Alzheimer’s and Diabetes?

Worldwide, at least 44 million people are living with one of the dementias. Sadly Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia in the elderly. It is not a mental illness but it brings about symptoms related to mental health. Symptoms such as depression, anxiety, agitation, and hallucinations. We all hope and pray we can avoid developing this disease, but if you or loved one is having any of these symptoms, it may be helpful to have a medical evaluation.

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