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Type 2 Diabetes – Add Whole Grains To Your Diet Plan

There is a plethora of nutritional advice or information available in magazines, on the web, and anywhere you can spot advertising. On your way to work alone, you may pass by a billboard advertising a supplement, a nutritional service, or a product related to eating. How often are you presented with a suggestion of this kind? Perhaps more than you think.Truthfully, most advice is not helpful, as it is not relevant to you. Your situation is unique. As much as some general advice applies, you probably need a particular kind to make a difference in your life.

Type 2 Diabetes – Does A Family History of Diabetes Raise the Risk of Colorectal Cancer?

Anyone diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes is considered to be at risk for developing colorectal cancer. According to scientists at the Massachusetts General Hospital and several other research institutions in the United States and Norway, a family history of Type 2 diabetes also puts individuals at risk for this type of cancer. In July of 2018, the journal Cancer Prevention Research (Philadelphia) reported on a study of 101,323 women, and 48,542 men without cancer or inflammatory bowel disease (a risk factor for cancer) when first enrolled in the study.

Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Living – Five Tips To Help You Better Cope With Stress

Stress can be a big problem; it affects your health directly causing the fight-or-flight hormones to flood into your bloodstream. In turn, these hormones raise your blood sugar. However, try as you might to get away from the grasp of stress, it will find you. None of us can do away with stress altogether. It is an unfortunate fact the more stress you have, the more you are going to feel run down, unmotivated, and possibly depressed. Luckily, handling stress may be easier than you thought.

Type 2 Diabetes – Do What You Must, Not What You Want

Is there anything more important than being healthy? Most things in life require you to be well for you to enjoy or appreciate them. It is not so much about being well physically as it is keeping a robust state of mind. Life becomes harder when there is something lingering, eating at you. Even Type 2 diabetes, a disease that does not bring immediate fatal consequences, triggers stress and anxiety. You do not have to think about the disease itself – merely knowing your body is not as healthy as you thought can prevent you from having peace of mind.

Type 2 Diabetes – The Effect of Parks and Green Areas on Health

Our species evolved in Africa, and we do our best to reproduce the same effect: land covered with trees and grass in the many places we have wandered into over the millennia. Parks, lawns, and gardens mimic our ancient homeland. According to health studies, exposure to this environment is good for our health in a variety of ways.

Type 2 Diabetes – Is The Metabolic Syndrome The Predictor of Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is viewed as being an aspect of what is called the metabolic syndrome. The condition is reasonably common and is characterized by insulin resistance and its related effects including high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high levels of triglycerides, and obesity. The good news is all of the above effects are very much controllable with a healthy diet plan, so it is not a condition you are going to have to live with for the rest of time. Type 2 diabetes and obesity are increasing in conjunction with incidences of the metabolic syndrome.

Type 2 Diabetes – Get Your Weekly Dose of Physical Activity

Do you want a piece of advice to help alleviate much of the stress, anxiety, and pain from your life? Get your weekly dose of physical activity starting now and keep it going for the rest of your life. It is a simple tip, but it works. Exercise is necessary, and anyone who is telling themselves otherwise is mistaken. We all know exercise is essential because it gets our blood flowing and it helps protect our heart, but what is the point if you are making excuses not to do it?

Stress – The Biggest Trigger Behind Type 2 Diabetes

Can excessive stress cause type 2 diabetes? Stop wondering and find out.

Type 2 Diabetes – The Risk for Developing Gestational Diabetes Is Higher in Women Having Twins

According to a study reported on in July of 2018 in the Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics twin pregnancies are at greater risk of developing Gestational diabetes, or pregnancy-related diabetes, than singleton pregnancies. Other risk factors are the same for singleton and twin births.

Type 2 Diabetes – Four Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Help Put Diabetes Into Reverse Gear

Having Type 2 diabetes should not turn your world upside down. It should not have you upset or worried about life or frustrated with your mistakes. Type 2 diabetes is manageable, so no reason to hang your head. However, are you ready for what your Type 2 diabetes treatment entails? Are you willing to do what it takes to treat the disease? It is no easy feat, but you can do it. Better yet, tell yourself you will, and do not question it – ever. If you are curious about which changes you can make and the actions you can take, look no further.

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