God’s Gift to Diabetics

Type 2 Diabetes – Eating Blueberries Can Protect Against Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease

A recent study has found eating raw blueberries can help conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity. People with Type 2 diabetes do not just suffer with high blood sugar: they often go on to develop heart disease and can often be overweight – so this is really promising news.

Diabetes in the Bedroom

Encountering problems with sexual response is a common experience for both men and women with diabetes. Not only can diabetes affect your physical functioning, there can also be psychological factors that interfere with a full and rewarding sex life. Problems with sexual function can be very distressing and affect the quality of your life as well as your relationships.

Learn About Diabetes In Pregnancy

Diabetes mellitus may be effectively managed by appropriate meal planning, increased physical activity and properly-instituted insulin treatment. Some tips for controlling diabetes in pregnancy include: Giving birth to a baby later on in life brings a better risk of sure problems that adult females ought to talk about with a specialist in their area.

Diabetes – Is There a Cure?

Diabetes is a state wherein the human body failed to utilize glucose properly. Therefore, the quantity of glucose found in the human blood stream is extremely high. This is happen because the pancreas fails to produce not enough insulin or no insulin production at all. Insulin is responsible for helping the glucose to enter the body cells. There are also cases wherein the produced insulin does not able to work as it should be.

Advice for the Diabetes Healthcare Professional

Many clinicians struggle to feel they are good enough. The section that follows aims to help you think about your patients’ actions from a different perspective and introduces some strategies to help you.

Finding Diet Pills That Are Safe for Diabetics

Because it can be very difficult to get to the gym and to eat healthy there are more and more people taking diet pills. This is not uncommon but it can be very difficult for someone that is diabetic to find a diet pill that is safe for them. There are certainly a few things that must be kept in mind when it comes to finding the right pill that will be safe for a diabetic. Here are some things that you have to keep in mind.

Dealing With Diagnosis

Following diagnosis, it takes time to emotionally accept this new way of life. Accepting a chronic illness has similarities to accepting the death of a close friend or family member – it takes a lot of time and you may find yourself forgetting momentarily, and then experiencing a sinking feeling when the reality hits you.

Do You Know the Difference Between a ‘Lapse’, a ‘Relapse’ and a ‘Collapse?’

Many people embark on weight loss efforts full of enthusiasm and hope for their new regime, and then lose heart when life gets in the way. My advice is different. Embrace the odd slip or two.

What’s a ‘Diabetes Expert’ Anyway?

What are your tricks and tips for managing your diabetes? What has worked for you, even if that doesn’t mean it will work for others? I want to encourage you that you are an expert, an expert of you. That does not mean you get it right every time.

Diabetes: What Do Emotions Have to Do With It?

None of us can do anything in life that requires effort over a sustained period without getting support and respite – and diabetes is exactly the same. There are wide ranges of emotional factors that can impact the well-being of someone with diabetes – some of which affect people with type 1 or type 2 only, but many of which affect individuals with either type.

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