Great News About Beating Diabetes!

Type 2 Diabetes – Taking Care of Your Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is both a complex and fascinating disease. It can seem harmless on the surface but in reality, it is a lethal disease in many respects. Given time, complications unfold when blood sugar levels are not lowered to a healthy level. Severe nerve damage, for instance, may lead to leg ulcers and infections in the extremities, which may make an amputation necessary. A kidney transplant may be required when renal failure results from nephropathy. And we have not even mentioned the lethal complications of high blood sugar levels and Type 2 diabetes: a fatal heart attack or stroke.

Best Health With Diabetes – Elevated Blood Glucose Of Any Degree Is Harmful

Glucose is a simple sugar that exists throughout the plant kingdom as an essential nutrient. Once consumed, glucose circulates in our blood stream and must be translocated ipromptly into cells and tissues where it serves as essential energy. If glucose is not moved promptly from the blood stream into tissue cells, then the glucose molecule reacts randomly with various cell membranes, causing permanent damage.

Type 2 Diabetes – Good Blood Sugar Control Is Important to Help Avoid Infections

People diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes run the risk of developing such diseases as pneumonia and urinary tract infections. According to researchers at the University of Surrey in the UK; when diabetics control their blood sugar levels, their risk of developing infections is lowered. The work of these researchers was reported on in the journal Diabetes Medicine in August 2016 and compared 34,000 people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes to over 600,000 nondiabetics, all treated by general practitioners. It was found the participants with Type 2 diabetes suffered more infections than did the non-diabetic participants. The Type 2 diabetes group was divided into three subgroups according to the level of their blood sugar control.

Type 2 Diabetes – Is It Possible To Reduce Your Risk of Developing Diabetes?

When it comes to Type 2 diabetes, there are many questions worth asking. “Can Type 2 diabetes be treated?” “What exactly is Type 2 diabetes? “What are some of the complications of diabetes?” It is a good to have questions on your mind because it means you are on the lookout for answers. In today’s world, one can never be too knowledgeable about diseases and complications. Your health and well-being should be on the top of your list for a happy life. It is when you are well you can enjoy many of life’s fruitful moments.

Type 2 Diabetes – Can Text Messages Help Improve the Sedentary Lifestyle of Young People?

We have often heard sedentary behavior is one of the main reasons there is a worldwide increase in the number of individuals diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and several other serious health conditions. Type 2 diabetes – one of the biggest epidemics of our time, currently affects over 19 million Americans. In their teens, many young people begin to stop exercising on a regular basis. But how are university students while studying from their books, or teenagers who are on their computers, going to remember to get up and take an occasional break and get active? What gets their attention? Aha! Texting might just be the answer!

Type 2 Diabetes – Did You Choose to Control Your Diabetes Today or to Ignore It?

It’s one thing to be informed your blood sugar levels are abnormally high, and it is another to take steps to prevent or reverse the damage high blood sugar levels can do to your body. There are many Type 2 diabetics aware of just how dangerous their situation can be. In fact, some people who receive a diabetes diagnosis are willing to do absolutely everything it takes to lower their blood sugar levels and their weight to a safe level. Type 2 diabetes makes up about 95 percent of all cases of diabetes and is seen most often in people over thirty-five, though not always, in overweight people, and in individuals who have a history of diabetes in their family. To be ignorant about your condition, however, is another thing entirely.

Type 2 Diabetes – Three Healthy Dip Recipes To Help Improve Your Vegetable Intake

Eating wisely is one of your powerful weapons in the fight against developing Type 2 diabetes. What you eat and how much affects your risk for developing diabetes. Generous amounts of vegetables and fruits are at the heart of Type 2 diabetes prevention. Are you struggling to get your vegetable intake? Feel as though if you have to eat another salad, you might just scream? If you are dreaming of cheeseburgers replacing your steamed broccoli, it is time for a change.

Type 2 Diabetes – Combined Therapy to Help Improve Blood Sugar Control

According to a study carried out by the National Research Institute in Los Angeles and various other research centers in the United States, sixty Type 2 diabetics being treated with metformin and exenatide (Byetta) achieved better blood glucose control than fifty-six Type 2 diabetics treated with metformin alone. Their work was reported on in the journal Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism in August 2016. Twenty-four-hour average blood sugar levels as well as fasting levels, and levels 2 hours after a meal were checked. The following were all lowered in the exenatide plus metformin group versus the group taking metformin alone.

Type 2 Diabetes – Exercise Is Good For You

Although some people love to exercise, and others loathe it, we are sure you are familiar with physical activity, and how it is essential for healthy living. Even if it’s unlikely we are going to teach you something new; we would like you to consider exercising every day as a way to improve your health and rejuvenate your life. Many people are quick to suggest you should become physically active: it’s common to hear how you should be exercising while avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. But it is less common to be told to exercise daily because balance is usually the norm.

Type 2 Diabetes – A Few Reasons Why You Are Hungry After Eating a Meal

It may seem as if hunger is the main reason why it is hard to stick to your chosen diet. Feeling hungry gets in the way of weight loss, as well as making it harder for Type 2 diabetics to control their blood sugar. You may believe controlling your appetite is difficult since you are constantly hungry. Willpower can only do so much: there is a limit to how long you can resist those hunger pangs. Fortunately, your appetite is not entirely to blame. There are reasons why you are frequently hungry.

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