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Diabetic Hyperglycemia

Hyperglycemia is the technical term for high blood glucose (blood sugar) and is a severe health problem for those with diabetes. People who are affected by diabetes can experience two specific types of hyperglycemia. Read more about them here.

Type 2 Diabetes – Mercury Fillings Could Be Causing Your Constant Fatigue

A common complaint amongst Type 2 diabetics is tiredness. Some diabetics struggle to sleep well during the night due to high blood sugar levels, and some feel extremely tired following a meal. But have you ever considered that the type of fillings in your teeth could be contributing to this extreme fatigue?

Care of a Diabetic Person

A diabetic person needs to be well taken care of especially what is ingested and the amount of calories that they take should be the prescribed amount. According to the American diabetes association the diabetic exchange diet is about the serving amount which dictates when to eat means and snacks to control the diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes – Will Knowing Your HbA1c Level Help Prevent Heart Disease?

The hemoglobin A1c test (HbA1c) is a good test for diagnosing and following diabetes because it accounts for all the hills and valleys of blood sugar spikes and troughs. Since diabetics have a high risk for heart disease, researchers in the Department of General Practice, School of Public Health, Aarhus University in Denmark, set out to discover whether the HbA1c, along with other factors, could be used to predict the risk of heart disease. If so, then Type 2 diabetics with a high risk for heart disease could be followed closely.

Type 2 Diabetes – How Resistance Training Can Help You Heal Diabetes!

If you are someone who is suffering from Type 2 diabetes or, even if you are someone who is at a high risk for developing this disease and are looking to do everything you can to stop it from developing in your body, resistance training is going to be an absolute must. Far too many people who have this condition and have been instructed to start exercising, simply hop onto the cardio equipment thinking this will burn their excess fat and keep them healthy. Big mistake.

Type 2 Diabetes – The Effect of Passive Smoking on the Development of Diabetes

While smoking has many adverse effects for non-diabetics, these effects have been found to be worse in people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Active smoking is thought to be a risk factor for developing Type 2 diabetes and, according to a study published in the journal Diabetes Care, passive smoking might be linked with Type 2 diabetes as well. That’s what scientists at the Channing Laboratory at Harvard Medical School in Boston set out to discover.

Type 2 Diabetes – 3 Drink Choices Diabetics Should Avoid

Want to manage your Type 2 diabetes better? If so, you are likely focusing closely on all the different foods you are eating throughout the day. And, while this is great to do, you must not overlook what you are drinking as well. Choose the wrong beverages and it could be a disaster as far as your blood sugar level is concerned. While most people with Type 2 diabetes know to avoid the obvious – soda, there are others that can be just as harmful.

Diabetes – How to Lower the Odds That You’ll Succumb

Diabetes statistics are rising at an alarming rate. Is there nothing to be done but become one of them? The truth is that if you follow the three top strategies included here, you can significantly lower your odds.

Type 2 Diabetes – Smart Spices To Use While Cooking to Help Lower Blood Sugar

If you’re someone who’s working on healing your Type 2 diabetes, you need to be very mindful of how you go about cooking your food. The last thing you want to be adding to your dishes is sugar laden sauces or condiments; making it harder to keep your food tasting great and you on track to the healthy eating lifestyle. That’s why relying on spices and herbs can come in very handy. These are completely calorie free and what’s even better, they contain health boosting properties. Let’s walk you through some of the best spices that you should be considering using more regularly as you go about your cooking.

Type 2 Diabetes – Less Than 50% of Diabetics Know Macular Edema Is Caused By High Blood Sugar Levels

Macular edema is retina swelling that can lead to blindness. But new research reveals less than 50% of US adults with diabetic macular edema know their condition was caused by their diabetes. This comes from a study published in the journal JAMA Ophthalmology where it was also found less than 60% of diabetics have had a dilated eye exam in the last year.

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