Man from Pakistan switches from city diet to a village diet and crushes diabetes!

Type 2 Diabetes – Four Reasons for Diabetics To Try Yoga

If you’ve never taken part in a yoga class before or just tried it in the comfort of your own home, now is the time to consider it. Many people when thinking about exercise, automatically think about hitting the gym for some cardio training or free weights. And while these are definitely both critical components of a balanced workout program, you must not overlook the importance of what yoga can provide. Especially for those who are managing Type 2 diabetes or aiming to prevent it, it’s an excellent form of exercise to be doing. Here’s why…

Type 2 Diabetes – Investigating Diets Leading To The Development of Metabolic Acidosis

Dietary research continues to teach us what is good for preventing and controlling Type 2 diabetes and the Metabolic syndrome. The latter was called Syndrome X and defined as diabetes with high blood pressure. The definition has been refined to include high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high waist size, and high or unbalanced blood cholesterol levels. Researchers at the Prefectural University of Medicine in Kyoto, Japan, assessed different diets as to vegetable proteins, animal proteins, carbohydrates, and acid intake in people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Then they compared various diets that contributed to the risk of developing metabolic acidosis.

Type 2 Diabetes – Five Tips to Help Boost Your Overall Health

Looking to boost your health status? If so, as a Type 2 diabetic you need to be tending to more than just exercise, nutrition and blood sugar testing. While all of these are definitely going to play a central role in how healthy you are, you need to take a comprehensive look at your current lifestyle. Are there any changes you could be making? Let’s look at five things you should be doing daily to help lower your blood sugar levels and improve your health.

7 Food Tips All Diabetics Should Follow On A Cruise

When one thinks of going on a cruise, the #1 topic that always comes up is about all of the great food options that you have on a cruise. In the past, there was the main dining room with a fixed menu, a buffet for breakfast, lunch or dinner usually at the back of the ship, 24 hour room service and a midnight buffet. But, for diabetics cruises can present unique challenges that we will discuss in this article.

Type 2 Diabetes – The Connection Between Poor Sleep Quality, Inflammation and Heart Disease

Sleep quality is related to heart disease – having difficulty breathing or not getting a good night’s sleep are risk factors for heart failure. One study published in 2001 concluded individuals having breathing problems during sleep had a 58 percent higher risk of heart failure than those people without breathing difficulties. Low quality sleep is associated with heart stress. Type 2 diabetes is also associated with poor quality sleep and heart disease. Could there be a connection?

What Is Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational diabetes develops specifically and only during pregnancy (usually after the first three months) and may result in a large baby and a difficult birth. It affects about 4% of all pregnant women.

What Is Diabetes Insipidus?

There is a type of diabetes related to the functioning of the Kidneys (DI). It has some symptoms in common with Diabetes mellitus and a similarity in the name but is caused by a completely different mechanism that has nothing to do with insulin.

Diabetes Can Cause Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) refers to any disease of heart or the blood vessels. The heart and blood vessels, together make up the cardiovascular system (CVS), are responsible for blood circulation.

Diabetes Increases the Bad Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a natural product of your body’s biochemistry. It is made in the liver and is needed for cell membranes, nerves, brain and other organs to work properly.

Type 2 Diabetes – Meat Alternatives to Help You Plan Diabetic-Friendly Vegetarian Meals

Planning your meals when you’re a person dealing with Type 2 diabetes can be challenging since you need to make sure you get the right balance of carbohydrates, fat, and protein at each meal. If you’re also a vegetarian, meal planning can feel even more challenging. It’s important to make sure you get enough protein so you stay full throughout the day and don’t take in too many carbohydrates. Here are some meat alternatives to help you plan diabetic-friendly vegetarian meals.

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