Man Tries “Farmer’s Diet” and Crushes Diabetes! Plus Outtakes from Granny’s Visit!

Type 2 Diabetes – A Closer Look At Three Popular Sugar Replacements

As you go about your mission to control your Type 2 diabetes and begin cutting back on your sugar intake, you’ll come across a number of alternative products that are often used in place of pure glucose or sugar and are toted as having a minimal effect on blood sugar levels. Some are great options and will be safe for you to use, others, well you will want to think twice about those. Don’t let the fact it’s not pure sugar lead you to believe it’s fine to eat and will not affect your blood sugar levels or your body weight. Very often these replacements are just as bad, if not worse than regular sugar. Let’s look at three such examples so you know what to look out for…

A Pasta Alternative – Roasted Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts in Pesto Sauce

If you are a pasta lover but need to cut back due to keep your blood sugar stable, then this cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts in Pesto Sauce is going to make your day. Of any vegetable I have ever roasted (and I have pretty much done them all), cauliflower is the best. It gets a nice crispness without losing it’s water content. The Brussels Sprouts are in there for some color, flavor, and texture variety.

Type 2 Diabetes – Diagnosing Kidney Disease Early to Help Prevent Kidney Failure

Diabetic nephropathy, or kidney disease, is a complication of Type 2 diabetes. It can lead to kidney failure and even death if left untreated. The test presently used to diagnose it looks for albuminuria, or protein in the urine. Several new testing methods have been trialled in an attempt to diagnose the condition earlier and begin treatment long before diabetic nephropathy can advance to kidney failure. Early treatment can prevent serious consequences.

Type 2 Diabetes – What the Person With Diabetes Needs To Look For In A Meal Replacement Powder

As you move through your Type 2 diabetic eating plan, it can be hard at times to fit all the necessary meals in you know you need to eat throughout the day. As such, you need to find a quick and convenient solution. You might think about turning to a protein powder to help you reach your nutrition goals. And while a protein powder is definitely a great way to take in some protein, it doesn’t help you take in the other nutrients your body needs throughout the day. This is where a meal replacement powder can come in helpful. But, not all meal replacement powders are created equally, so you really need to know what to look for. Let’s go over the key things on the label to take note of…

Is There A Link Between Diabetes And Obesity?

The biggest health challenges of the 21st century are diabetes and obesity. Are the two linked? Is one a risk factor for the other? This post explores diabetes and obesity and helps us understand the link between the two.

Few Unknown Facts About Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus can be categorized as a metabolic disorder and by metabolism we mean that the way our bodies digest food in order to attain energy and growth. When we consume anything, the food items are broken down to glucose, which is a form of normal sugar found in our blood cells and also the main source of energy in our body. So, as the food gets digested, glucose enters our bloodstream with the help of insulin present in our body.

Type 2 Diabetes – How Whole Grains Help to Fight Diabetes

Type 2 diabetics know they need to be conscious of the amount of carbohydrate they eat. Avoiding simple sugars and spreading the carbohydrate intake out throughout the day is the best way to keep blood sugar levels steady. But, not all carbohydrates need to be avoided. Complex carbohydrates, like whole grains, are good for you and can actually help fight diabetes. Learn more about whole grains and how to add them to your eating plan…

9 Foods a Diabetic Patient Should Stop Eating Today

A recent study by the World Health Organization states that diabetes wasn’t a common disease few decades ago. The disease became prominent in both the developed and underdeveloped countries only recently and shows that there is an estimated 143 million people who are suffering from it around the world. There are also claims of researchers that the number of patients will be increased if we continue living the current lifestyle.

Diabetes Problems: Know The Complications and Risks

Diabetes is a condition that is becoming more and more common in people of all ages because of our faulty eating habits and increasingly sedentary lifestyles. However, it is extremely important to control your blood sugar levels in order to keep your diabetes under control and minimize the risk of other problems that occur due to this condition.

Healing Powers of Omega-7

Omega-7 fatty acids are little known. But one member of this class of fatty acids… palmitoleic acid… is said to reverse metabolic syndrome, lower your risk of obesity and help prevent heart disease. Here’s a brief overview.

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