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Type 2 Diabetes – Diabetes Medications and Your Heart

Metformin is the drug of choice for treating early cases of Type 2 diabetes. There have been indications this drug is associated with a lowered risk for certain types of cancer and now it could also be associated with lowering the amount of damage caused due to a heart attack.

Type 2 Diabetes – The Coronary Artery Disease Connection

Coronary artery disease is a very serious condition which occurs when the blood vessels associated with your heart become narrowed. This narrowing is called atherosclerosis. Over time, as atherosclerosis builds, a clot can dislodge and makes its way to an area of your heart where it becomes lodged and disrupts all blood flow to your heart. This is when a heart attack occurs. Surprisingly enough, Type 2 diabetes can have a lot to do with this incident.

Type 2 Diabetes – Using A Standing Desk Can Improve Your Health

Instead of doing what everybody else does. that is sit at a traditional desk to use your computer or even to do office work, try using a standing desk instead – there are many health benefits. If you have Type 2 diabetes, your health will improve greatly with this simple change to your work routine. When you stand, it’s easier to get rid of restless energy…

Type 2 Diabetes – Blood Glucose Meters Are Vital For Diabetic Management

If you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, you’ll be very familiar with a glucose meter. You’re probably testing your blood sugar levels one to three times each day and writing down your readings to ensure your levels are under control. But there’s more to meters than just testing.

Diabetic Testing Supplies: Some Interesting Information You Should Know

For testing whether a person is diabetic or not, various types of equipments and meters are needed. This article focuses on the availability and helpfulness of these supplies.

The Connection Between Type-2 Diabetes and Liver Health

Diabetes Type-2 has been increasing at an alarming rate in the United States as well as around the world. According the American Diabetes Association, in 2011 there were 18.8 million people diagnosed with diabetes with another 7 million estimated as undiagnosed. Perhaps more alarming is that an astounding 79 million people are in the pre-diabetes stages, which strongly indicates that without changes in their lifestyle these people will move into the diabetic category.

Integrated Nutrition – Facts and Myths

Nutrition as a stand-alone therapy has an incredibly weak scientific basis. However integrating nutrition with conventional medical therapies is becoming more acceptable among medical practitioners. But what is integrated nutrition and what is it used for?

Type 2 Diabetes – High Glycemic Foods And Acne

For a diabetic, choosing to eat foods which are rated high on the glycemic index negatively impacts their bloods sugar levels, as well as their overall health. But making these food choices can create another problem in the individual’s life – acne. Unfortunately, some people with Type 2 diabetes are naturally more prone to developing acne than others.

Type 2 Diabetes – Keeping A Diabetic-Healthy Kitchen

Making poor food choices trips up people with Type 2 diabetes more than anything else. It’s so easy to hit a drive-thru instead of laboring in the kitchen to make something. But if you set your kitchen up for success instead of failure, then cooking will be much more pleasurable – and rewarding. It takes commitment, but once you get started with the right mindset, it isn’t as difficult as you might believe…

Type 2 Diabetes – How Safe Is Agave Syrup for Diabetics?

Your body can’t avoid consuming some sugars. In fact you need carbohydrates and certain sugars for your very survival because your cells break these down and turn glucose into energy for you. Sugars are a natural part of many of the foods you eat, including fruits and vegetables. Sugars found in processed foods or that you add to your foods are another matter, however. Some are relatively healthy, and others are not so good for you.

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