Type 2 Diabetes – Twitter for Health!

One important function of public health departments consists of educating the public about good health practices. Type 2 diabetes is a major health concern; by 2050 one- third of adults in the United States alone could be diabetic. The disease is preventable with information designed to help people change their unhealthy habits. Getting out the word to large numbers of people could be likened to campaigns of immunizations that made smallpox a thing of the past and today help to control the number of new cases of polio and other infectious diseases.

Type 2 Diabetes – A Sedentary Lifestyle Is Unhealthy

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you are in a higher risk category for contracting Type 2 diabetes and several other serious diseases. Society has changed a lot and, as a result, more people do spend a large amount of time sitting. You sit at your desk at work. You sit in front of a computer at work and/or at home. You sit in front of the TV or while playing computer games. You sit and talk on a phone. The list goes on. Children spend more time inside playing on computers and doing other sedentary activities instead of playing outside like they used some years ago.

Type 2 Diabetes – A Positive Attitude Will Help You Feel Better!

If you receive a diagnosis for any serious disease, how well you handle it mentally will play a huge part in how you respond to treatment and, in many cases, whether you survive if it’s potentially fatal. If you constantly walk around with a “poor me” attitude and feel sorry for yourself, that won’t do you any good at all. If you try to make other people feel sorry for you, that won’t do you or them any good either.

3 Tips on Helping Your Teen With Diabetes

Having a teen is not easy. And being a teen isn’t always so great either! Throw diabetes into the mix and you’ve got a whole lot more to deal with than most parents. Check out these great tips on how you can cope.

Type 2 Diabetes – Concerns After Surgery For Diabetics!

People have surgical procedures for a multitude of reasons. Of course, if you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, it doesn’t mean all procedures are directly related to your diabetes. However, having diabetes can complicate surgery and post-op recovery in different ways, therefore, you should always make sure when you enter hospital for surgery, all hospital staff know about your diabetes diagnosis.

Type 2 Diabetes – The Effects of Vitamin C and E on Diabetes

Certain antioxidant enzymes are lowered in Type 2 diabetes. Antioxidant molecules are helpful in getting rid of free radicals, formed by oxidation and dangerous to cells. Investigators at Mazandaran University of Medical Science in Iran looked at how antioxidant vitamins C and E might be used for treating Type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes – The Benefits of Pomegranate to Diabetics

Type 2 diabetics fully understand the need to consume a balanced diet containing healthy foods, and also the right amount of those foods… especially fruits and vegetables. But as far as diabetes goes there are some fruits that are better off to be avoided just as there are those that provide much more protection and nutritional benefit than others. Pomegranate is one of the fruits you need to include in your eating plan.

5 Tips About Your Ageing Parent and Diabetes

It’s not easy to change your life when you get diagnosed with diabetes, and it can be just as difficult to find out that you have a parent with the disease. Learn how to cope, and how to get them the best care.

Type 2 Diabetes – How Do You Get Belly Fat?

Abdominal fat or belly fat isn’t something that just appears one morning when you wake up. It can take weeks or months to appear in a significant amount. A specific type of belly fat, called visceral or intra-abdominal fat, is to blame for insulin resistance the base cause of Type 2 diabetes. So, how do you “grow” belly fat? The myth is if you eat too much, you will accumulate belly fat. This isn’t always the case. It’s what and how you eat your food. The belly fat comes from the carbohydrates you consume as well as the fatty foods. There are three main ways for accumulating belly fat…

Food Is The Biggest Weapon To Fight Diabetes And Illness!

In fighting any illness food is the most natural, safest, most effective weapon without any side effects. Diets of all sorts: We only need one diet as long as it is a good one, don’t we? Yes and no! As there is no magic pill for sickness, there is also no magic diet. This is often a frightening subject for people when considering selecting a diet, and yet it’s not as hard as some think it is. Not every diet is equal nor can or should it be. This is precisely why certain diets are necessary to treat different illnesses: For instance to target lowering blood pressure, or diabetes, to boost your energy level, to lower inflammation, or to combat arthritis etc. Having an effective diet to improve or avoid illness it is necessary to choose certain foods or larger amounts of it to include in your diet.

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