What I Eat in 1 Day – in Africa (Diabetic Menu)

Type 2 Diabetes – Foods to Help Fight High Blood Sugar Levels

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is important for managing Type 2 diabetes. And although there are no miracle foods capable of curing Type 2 diabetes, there are certain types of foods that are best at helping fight it. One of these categories of foods is high-fiber foods. Eating enough fiber is essential for fighting diabetes and for overall good health.

Type 2 Diabetes – Help Control Your Blood Sugar by Eating Healthy Portion Sizes

An important part of managing Type 2 diabetes is eating the correct serving sizes. If you know how many servings of each food group to eat, and you eat the right serving sizes, you’ll be able to eat a balanced diet and keep your blood sugar in check. But, eating the correct serving sizes can be challenging. Portion sizes have increased considerably from 20 years ago, so you may not be able to eat the entire portion of food as it is packaged or served. Recognizing these portions can help you decide how much to eat. Here are some common portions that have become distorted over the years…

Diabetes and Your Skin

Diabetes affects every single part of the body. This includes the skin as well. Skin problems may at times be the very first signs of diabetes. Most skin conditions can be easily treated or even prevented if caught early.

Type 2 Diabetes – Thyroid Disease in Women With and Without Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is diagnosed when a previously healthy woman is found to have developed diabetes during her pregnancy. Researchers at Bushehr University of Medical Sciences in Iran, compared cases of thyroid gland disorders in women with and without Gestational diabetes, and continued to compare them for one year. Their study, reported on in the journal Diabetes Medicine in September 2014

Top 10 Diabetes Herbal Treatments From Around the World

Diabetes is no longer limited to the western world. Developing nations top the list of the countries with an increasing population of people suffering from Diabetes. It is estimated that almost 60% of the people suffering from Diabetes are in Asia.

Why Diabetes Herbs Treatment May Be a Better Option

Type II Diabetes has become a global health crisis which is now threatening the economy of many nations especially developing ones. While it was once mainly known as a disease of the west, it has now quickly spread to all parts of the world. And Asia is the epicenter of this epidemic and accounts for almost 60% of the worlds diabetic population.

Type 2 Diabetes – How Much Salt Should a Diabetic Eat Each Day?

As a Type 2 diabetic, you’re used to watching what you eat. You count or monitor the amount of carbohydrates you eat, while also looking at the fat and protein content and portion sizes. But, do you also pay attention to how much sodium (salt) you take in? Eating too much salt can raise your risk of cardiovascular disease. Since having Type 2 diabetes also increases your risk, it’s smart to pay attention to your sodium intake.

Type 2 Diabetes – 4 Great Healthy Wrap Lunch Ideas For Treating Diabetes

The prevention and reversal of Type 2 diabetes is actually quite straightforward. It consists of a three-pronged approach: achieving and maintaining an ideal body weight, maximising the sensitivity of your cells to insulin, and preventing oxidative and metabolic stress. Being successful in these goals means focusing on lifestyle and diet; diet especially is fundamental to the successful treatment of Type 2 diabetes. To help you get started, here are a few new foods you can add to your menu if you are tired of eating the same old boring lunch day after day?

Type 2 Diabetes – Juice Fasts Are Not The Solution For Safe Healthy Weight Loss

There are hundreds of diets that claim to be the solution to the problem of obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Most of these diets if followed closely, will promote weight loss over the short-term but are often so regimented, or involve deprivation of health-promoting foods. If you are looking for quick weight loss to help control your Type 2 diabetes, you might be on the hunt for one of the popular ‘fasting’ or cleansing approaches out there. More and more people, diabetics and non-diabetics, start-up on these, thinking they are on a one-way track to reaching their ideal body weight. Only, as the case often is, two weeks into this approach they are falling off the bandwagon and frustrated by their results.

Type 2 Diabetes – Financial Help Is Available If You Are Living With Diabetes and High Costs

Living with Type 2 diabetes is expensive. All of your doctor’s appointments, medications, and supplies can add up. In fact, people with Type 2 diabetes spend an average of over $13,000 per year on medical expenses – which is over twice as much as people without diabetes spend. If you’re living with diabetes and facing these high costs, there are some resources that can help.

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